On Tuesday we headed to Margam park. Went with J and E, S and S and S’s mate. 
Z fell asleep going there, well he had just had his hair cut and a shower, so he was  traumatised he wound himself up so much that’s why he slept.
It took him a little while to come around, I used his buggy, Margarm park is quite big to be chasing him or continually trying to pick him up from the drop and flop position!!
He loved the castle in the play area. He ran around he was up and down the steps, and it was nice to be able to stand at the entrance and not chase him about! 
This time he was big enough to go and play on the wooden play equipment, and he really enjoyed himself. He ran around and actually eventually walked over the rope bridge. The first time he went on his knees, then half and half, then he could walk across it! So proud of him! 

We stopped and had our photo at the #EPIC sign, whilst we were waiting our turn Z kept saying E P I C, he loved it, he ran around it and climbed the letters luckily the queue had gone by this point and the staff we fab, they even got the pictures! 

We walked around the animals were he kept saying baaa for the sheep, and laughing! Quack for the ducks and I started eeeor, for the donkey, which apparently is very funny! 
Wanted to change his bum at this point, and the disabled toilet was out of order, know why, ‘coz some idiots tried putting nappies down the toilet, why would someone even do that? So it was a change in the buggy. The older he’s getting im not going to be able to do it for much longer, as it was it was very quiet so only I was about, how we’ll be managing before long I don’t know. I’ll be carrying a big blanket with me to hide him! 

We made music leaving! He jumped on some logs, and was quite happy to go back in the buggy to go to the car! 
That’s when J decided to go on to Aberavon beach. So we followed over, they played in the park for a little while until Z wanted to go play on the beach! 

Before heading to the sea we buried him, he loved it! 

Not as much as he loves the sea though! Couldn’t get him out of there, I was soaking, even wellies done nothing for me and I was tipping the sea water out before getting in the car! Was so chuffed with him he actually took seaweed off me, walked around with it before dropping it in favour of the sea! 

We had a good day, was nice to get out with J and E again too. As our adventures have been few and far between lately! 

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