April has come and gone, and May is upon us. Month five of the year, and one in which we have a bank holiday and a week off from schools. During this month I have two childrens parties, a few birthdays, an adults suprise party, a wedding and Z’s doctors appointments. My diary is just filled with dots! Oh and maybe a new baby if my mate goes early!
So, April, it was a good month, I had a bad week, but I’m proud to say I picked myself back up, ( maybe not right back up but nearly back to top form!) I learned loads. I made a few new friends, and went  new places. Most of all I think Z had fun.
I’m sure that what ever the month of May can throw at me I’ll be ready, or as ready as I can be!
As it’s Friday, also known as vodka Friday, and it’s a bank holiday weekend, plus pay day it’s time to stop all the doom and gloom, have a coffee, munch some strawberries and smile!
So bring it on May…. I’m ready!

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