With the end of May along comes another bank holiday and half term. 
Other than going into the holiday with a husband with a broken arm and plans to visit Dan Yr Ogof caves with the craft club I take Z too nothing else was set in stone. 
The weekend we got our Guinea pigs, Z still loves them! We went with the names in and dau. 

Both Sunday and Monday were spent sitting in the garden. Sunday runong around and getting to know Un and Dau. 
Monday we put the pool up. Z loved it and spent nearly all day in there! 

E came down to play too and J and I enjoyed coffee! 
I’ve realised I can try and take Z out to the busy places on bank holiday but what’s the point when he gets stressed which in turn gets us all stressed? He’s happy in the garden, I’m happy in the sun with a supply of coffee so we’re all winners! 

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