I’m starting something new up. I’m not really sure how it’s going to go. This is something I’ve never tried before.
I’m in a blogging group, like most bloggers.
I love my group. We chat about all things Sen, and I’ve learnt quite a lot from these bloggers about disabilities other than autism.
I’ve sent them some questions then over the next few weeks I’m going to introduce you to my online friends, the ones I go to when I’ve had a bad day, when something good has happened, for help and just general chat. These bloggers, these people are going through the same, sometimes worse than what I go through on a daily basis but are always there to answer questions and have a laugh with. I think I’m in a good group of Sen bloggers so it would be a shame to keep them all to myself!
Meet my first Sen blogger Becky.
Becky’s blog is called PDA bubble. These are Becky’s answers.
A little something about you…. (including your disability!)
I parent an only child who was diagnosed with ASD with demand avoidance (PDA) at 3 years old. I have also suffered with depression and anxiety since I was a teenager.
A little something about your child’s diagnosis
My daughter is 5 now full of energy and mostly in charge! She also has generalised anxiety disorder, separation anxiety, eating issues with a strong sensory component and probable IBS.
What would you wish the world would know about you or your child and or yours/ their Disability?
I think people don’t really have much knowledge of autism until it crosses their path directly so as it is often a hidden disability it can be viewed as not as important to other more visual disabilities.
Do you think having a child with a disability (or yourself) has effected you ? Your family? Siblings ? If so How? If it’s yourself do you see it as a disability the same way as others who have children may see it.
It has been hard to adjust to life parenting an autistic child as it has a completely different set of rules which change constantly so you have to accept less control of your life. The energy levels and lack of sleep are difficult to adjust to! I’m happy with the one child and am glad I can dedicate all my efforts her way without feeling guilty.
What’s the one thing you love about your or your child’s disability? ( Everyone always posts the negative stuff to raise the awareness !)
My daughter remembers everything and sees the smallest details which you don’t usually even notice. She also has a similar crazy/dark sense of humour to my own and when shes on form can make me crack up.
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