Sitting here looking at the mess of my room when it was all clean and tidy less than 24 hours ago! How does one child make so much mess? 
   We’ve not really done much today, Z had kids fit where he runs, and climbs and runs some more! Stops for a drink and runs some more! 

For tea he has pizza, if he’ll eat it it, so while that’s cooking he’s spelling! He may eat pizza whilst watching Henry. Yes, I know kids fit and pizza for tea, I’m sure he’s burned off a full pizza the running he done! 

Tomorrow it’s swimming time, if we can keep some things the same I’m sure we’ll be ok. 
Friday were off to Folly Farm, I’m looking forward to it, I will be making sure his IPad is fully charged Thursday night and my battery pack is also fully charged!! I’m hoping he’ll take a little bit of notice of the animals, if he don’t were stuck on the play equipment and if it’s raining the indoor part, best take loads of money to keep me in coffee….. 
 Waiting for our summer to start when the sun actually shines. I know I’ve said if it is wet I’ll do more to what will become his sensory room but I also want sun too! 

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