Monday, can I call it miserable Monday? 
Since having those teeth out I can’t leave Z. Now I’m not used to not leaving Z, I’ve always put him to bed he’s put himself to sleep. He’s just screaming even adding the word no. The word could be a sound, but it could be no as in meaning no. As he’s shaking his head too. So when he’s waking and I’m not there he’s crying, going to the gate and sobbing, me half asleep then sits by the bed. I’m hoping it’s a short term thing, so don’t want to start the whole process of fetching him in to bed with me. So I’ll continue for the time being. 
The questions then are is he in pain? I’m guessing so, come on, 5 teeth out he must be. So I give him Nurofen. Then I think what if he’s not in pain and I’m dosing him up. 
Monday is portage day, between bank holiday and S having her own holidays we’ve not seen her. So this morning was do I cancel, or as he likes S will we be good to go. He was fine on the bus and didn’t hear him when I was getting my hair done. Home and portage. Yea, maybe I should have cancelled. He cried, he was just generally miserable. Not even I could joke with you can have him! It’s not Z, he doesn’t know what he wants. He’s most probably confused, where are the teeth from my mouth gone? If I go to sleep will I wake up with more missing? I have no idea what he is thinking. Or what he is feeling. The teeth had to come out so I can’t even say if I had the choice again I wouldn’t do it because it had to be done. So portage didn’t really happen. As she was leaving he did actually wave , yup, a hand in the air and wave, not sure who wasmore surprised    as he’s not waved in forever, and never to S, then he said ta da. Again that shocked me! So I said close the door, this he did, then looked and cried and threw himself on the floor coz obviously S left! 
I drove him around for 30 minutes or so to see if he would go to sleep, he is so tired. That didn’t work. So it had to be in bed. Again I had to stay with him but he went. I’m hoping that he’ll be ok for speech, again I’m not too sure. I don’t want to cancel if when he wakes he’ll be ok. Thinking he’s quiet when we’re in the car so I’ll just take him and see, if it’s 10 minutes it’s better than not going at all.
Wish me luck for the rest of the day I may need it!! 

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