So I’m taking my reducing my plastic waste quite seriously, it’s coming up the end of February an I’ve not purchased a plastic bottle for myself, Z has had a few happy meals where he gets a fruit shoot, but I can’t stop him it’s not fair. In the two months I’ve only had one meal from McDonalds myself and that’s last week on half term when I was starving I did have the drink but didn’t have a straw. Next time I’ll remember to take my own food.
I’ve made my own toilet bombs melts and lip balm. Changed to soap nuts for my clothes and haven’t been using fabric conditioner. That’s a big one for me as I do love my conditioner next up I’ll attempt to make my own.
I’ve not purchased one single use carrier bag, I’ve always got a bag in my bag now, I’ve even had my keep cup used whilst out and about. I’m hoping that I’m making my mates more aware.

When Z had to get out of the sealife centre as it was too busy, my mate got me a new bag, I love it and it’s a nice size for my plastic free fruit and veg!
So in a few months I’ve made small little changes that are all adding up. I’ve not bought a plastic bottle of anything, sauce, mayo or squash, it’s all been glass. I’ve not bought myself any new clothes, I’ve not really gone back to eating meat and tend to by mostly quorn instead. I’ve ordered Z a reusable swim nappy, so that’s one or two nappies stopped going to landfill when it arrives.
I still have a long way too go but I can see less and less plastic going into my recycling every week

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