Z was poorly last week, last Sunday we had him to primecare, as he wasn’t sleeping, couldn’t settle and generally unwell. Normally after his nose stops running and a temp appears it’s a ear infection. Doctor couldn’t see an infection, and his throat was clear. Gave us antibiotics as we know him best and he was in pain. Somewhere. 
On Sunday and Monday we fought to get those Antibs down him, he spat more out that he drank. Think on Wednesday he had a drop out of all three lots, he learnt to keep those lips tight shut, gargle the liquid and spit out!
Thursday morning he resembled a hamster, one side of his face very swollen, it was either his teeth, or his throat. As the doctors open before dentist  I had to book that first incase dentist said not teeth related. Was lucky to get an appointment straight away with dentist. They managed a little view of his teeth with me holding him upside down and she was convinced it was his two teeth, the ones that were connected to the teeth he had bumped when he was one, and had taken out . 
He had another emergency appointment in another dentist to get the hospital referral though. Tomorrow! Friday he was to go and have his teeth out. 
If only he could tell me where he was hurting, that doctors appointment on Sunday could have easily have been a dentist appointment and he wouldn’t have had to struggle for nearly a week before I thought teeth.
He done very week yesterday getting those teeth out. He didn’t want to enter the hospital, but they have added a coffee place just as you walk in, why feel the need to do this? Loud noises, coffee machines gong off, people eating and talking and a new environment, makes it an easy target to run back out. 
He’d already been signed up to a cubicle as there’s no way he’d manage on a ward, new places, screaming children, a recipie for meltdown. 
This time he walked to the theatre he done very well, the only difference this time was I didn’t have to watch him as he was put under, didn’t have to see his eyes roll to the back of his head. I was holding him, and he was holding his blankie and he didn’t really fight it much. 
Ok, when he came around the needle in his hand really did distress him, and if he could have gotten it out, oh he would have! He just wanted out of there.
He was starving, so hungry that he ate three mini pork pies in the car. Two cheese spread sandwiches at home, along side half a pack of Pringles, then munched on some chips for tea! 
We had to pop out shopping, so he choose some more playdoh for being a good boy, and some my little pony bath toys! Not that dad was impressed with ‘girls’ toys! Was funny to see my son carrying my little ponys in the trolley and the husband cringing when we passed anybody, because his son was holding girl toys! Get a grip mate,  toys are toys, there was a red, blue and pink pony. What you say that if you had a girl you wouldn’t allow them to play with the blue one because blue is a boys colour?! Get in with the times! 
Anyways! Z was the best he has been all week last night, the swelling had gone completly this am, he’s eaten his toast, Jaffa cakes, and is now on some bacon crisps! 

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