Mother and Toddler group and kitty cat. 
For this week’s blog I decided to write about what I did in Mother and Toddler group and making my cat.
Last week I came up with the idea of making paper plate spaceships for the children in play group. We made them by using one paper plate, a cut out alien and paint.
The first thing we did was to cut the plate to sort of look like pac man and then we let the children paint it. The last step was to colour in the alien and stick him to the plate. I really enjoyed making one and so did my cousin.
I also forgot to put the picture of my butterfly on for last week’s group – so here it is!
To make my cat I used my nans old sock, sewing needle and thread, stuffing and felt. First, I placed the sock inside out on a flat surface and then I drew two cute ears on the sock. Next I sewed around the lines and cut around the ears. Then I turned it back to the right way, stuffed it and I sewed up the bottom. ​Finally, I added some paws using excess sock and drew eyes, a mouth and nose on a piece of felt. I cut around the felt and sewed it on to the cat.


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