With April being autism awareness month I thought an A-Z would be a good idea. It’s taken me a good few days to finish this post, as it was slightly harder than I thought it was going to be! Some letters I could have put lots too, others I struggled with one. Maybe this time next year I’ll have different words for the a-z. Maybe I’ll try it again! 

A   – Acceptance.
I think lots of people are aware of autism now, but are people actually accepting? 
Even though Z is 3.5 now we’ve hit that babbling stage. The stage I was most looking forward to as a baby. I can listen to him babble all day long, and smile most of the time! 
C  – Copying . 
Think he finally has what copying is. He’s just learnt to copy ‘aahhh choo’ and ‘oh dear’ , he’s learning to copy from some songs too. 
Z has always loved ducks, he lines them up, he sorts them in order so it’s kinda obvious D had to be for ducks. 
Picky eater, fussy eater I could put a few to this one! This last few weeks he’s trying more foods, chicken nuggets and back to eating a fish finger. I can’t say for certain it’s the gluten free diet, but I also don’t want to take him back off it incase it is! 
FFamily and friends.
 Without my family and friends, this chapter of my life would be much harder. They are always there, I just need to ask for help more often than not ask at all! 
GGetting there. 
I wanted to put it under P for progress but P was already used. So getting there will do! Z is getting there, in his own time at his own pace, and to see how much he’s coming along is just brilliant. 
Z loves his hands and fingers. He inspects his hands all the time! 
What a life saver the iPad has been. It’s brought Z on so much. He’s taking more notice, he’s learning new things, I’d go and buy a new one tomorrow if I had too. 
I can’t put her name down as I don’t put names! But without J being there to go places together, for giving Z his first taste of friendship and for keeping me sane with vodka Friday’s it wouldn’t be as much fun! 
KKinder eggs. 
Thanks YouTube for this one! I must have the only child that don’t eat the chocolate and just crunches it into small little pieces just for the yellow tub inside. Nope not even for the toy but for the paper! 
Maybe a typical one here, lines. Z loves his lines! 
Z loves music and singing, his favourite at the momenet is the finger family song. He loves 1,2,3,4,5 and 5 little men amongst others . 
Not sure how good other local NAS branches are, but mine are brilliant. Without R,N and C doing all they do, I Wouldn’t have met other parents, and Z wouldn’t have done lots of what he has done. 
Ordering numbers 1-10 in block and putting the alphabet in order. He likes a bit of order! 
P – Professionals 
From portage to teachers, I was lucky we had such a great portage worker, kinda made it that much harder to trust the next lot of professionals! But, Z’s teacher and all the lsa are really good. He loves school so they must be doing something right. The staff are all very friendly, always get taken into school and brought out with a smile. 
Never let anyone tell you a pre verbal child is quiet! 
As hard as this one is to say, it does happen. A few months back Z could do a puzzle all by himself, now he struggles. When he would say a word and stopped or would wave bye and stopped, it’s all classed as regression. 
Something when I now  get I appriciate much more than ever before!
Without having a clock in my house Z knows the time. By 8.20 in the morning he’s ready to leave for work!! He knows when it’s time to be picked up, he knows when it’s time for school, how without looking at a clock he does this I just don’t know! 
I’ve learnt to be more understanding of autism and special needs in general. Not to look at others and judge. Yes that kid could be a naughty spoilt brat, or they could be like Z, they Could be experiencing anything, who are we to judge? Understand a little more, it’s making life a little more fun. 
This is for me! Without vodka Friday’s, I’m sure the a-z of autism would be much different!
As hard as it is some days going to work after no sleep, it’s something that has to be done. I’m just lucky the jobs I do have are not 9-5 jobs . So hands down to all of you that have full time jobs and a child at home who does not sleeep. 
Now this was a hard one. Thanks to google this word means yellow or yellowish, which is the colour of Z’s favourite  blanket. One that used to go everywhere with him, still on long journeys or new places, but kept mainly for bed. 
Y – You tube. 
Ahhh, YouTube and the iPad where would we be without you? It’s taught Z to use his pointy finger, to count, the alphabet and colours. Maybe even a little patience!
Z has to be for Z. He is who is is. I wouldn’t change who he is. To me he is a strong clever little boy, who may or may not talk. He’ll talk if an when he has something he wants to say, until then I’ll wait. He is an inspiration, to not care about what others think of him, think more people should be like that, who cares if your wearing one glove in the sun? It’s your choice. You choose who to be, and I love Z for whom he is. 

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