My trip to Aberfan
It was a nice and sunny day so me, my mam and dad took a trip to Aberfan. The first place we went to was the cemetery where all the children and adults were burried after the disaster. I thought that the cemetery was very quiet and peacefull but at the same time it was lonely and sad. We sat down in the little memorial garden where there was a big plaque of God with children playing around him. I decided to draw the plaque and when we would get home I could be able to colour it. After we visited the cemetery I had some play time in the park and then we went to the big memorial garden where the school used to be.

Visit to Dan-Yr-Ogof caves
As it was the half term me, my mam, dad, sister and nephew all went to Dan-Yr-Ogof caves. I was very exited because I had never been there before so there was defenetly a lot to see. We went into the main cave where all the spooky halloween decorations were hung up. It was a cool experience for me as I have been into the caves in Wooky Hole before. After the caves we went to the cafe and from there we went to the gift shop. In the gift shop I got a cool little rock that you had to smash open to find 4 gems.

Salvation Army
For the salvation army I am knitting a twiddle muff for people with alzheimers. A twiddle muff is a muff that is decorated with buttons and ribbons and other cool things for the people with alzheimers to play with. I love helping out and I have nearly finished making it!

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