As I look at my nearly 3 year old, I think of the why. Most other children of his age are asking questions, why this? Why that? What’s this ? What’s that? Obviously with Z not talking he don’t ask any questions. As he sits and plays it’s I who have the why and what questions. 
My whys are not why don’t you talk? They are not why are you different? They are not why autism. 
My why’s and what’s  go like this. 
Why do you line all those ducks up then move them, then line them up again? Then put them all in a corner laying down?! 
Why when you put Mouk on you tube is it in French, and the hot dog song in Japanese ?
Why don’t you like the texture of soft food? 
What really go through that amazing little mind of yours when you line up things, crusts of toast for example?! They are one thing that’s not straight as the toast is cut into squares, yet the crusts seem to have an order to them? 
Why are the trees moving about so funny? 
What’s so funny about certain words that people say? Is it the actual word or the tone? 
Why do you only take to certain people? What is it about the people you take to, do they have any similarities? Am I looking for sequences that are not there? 
Why the number 5? 5 little monkeys, 5 strict mommies, 5 swimming mermaids. Is it the song or 5? 
There are most probably so many questions I could ask,  would I ever get the answers? Probably not! I can sit and watch him ‘play’ for ages, not your typical play behaviour, kitchen play is a good one, when food goes in one place , cups and plates a different place. 
I often just sit and watch him, run about, then spot something like a lone duck and stop and go collect the ducks to line up! 

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