This time last year I wrote one to my nearly three year old, can read that one here
This year I’ve seen so many positive improvements. He continues to amaze me. 
He’s not your usual typical nearly four year old. Only now he’s noticing things like the birds in the sky, the leaves falling to the ground and places. He is taking more notice of where we go. 
So I know your still not talking, your trying very hard to make sounds and those are coming on lovely. After school I should be asking what have you done, have you enjoyed yourself, not just relying on your smiles and the state of your clothes! 
I’m guessing that when they say people have photographic memories that’s you. You see things and remember them, how often do you have to see that image? Is it just the once? Can you see the 7 times table once and remember it? Can you see what comes next straight away? Is it just there in black and white? 
Why do you love numbers? Is it because there’s always orders to them? Same as the alphabet, you’ll put the letters in order of the alphabet then start again with the same letters just somewhere else. Then go back to your numbers. 
Sleep, why can’t you sleep? Can you not switch off? Are you afraid of the dark? Are the numbers and letters just dancing around your head when you lay down? 
I’m still asking the same of food? Why won’t you try new foods? Is it the smell? 
Why is it funny when someone copies what you say, or try to say? Umm is a big one that’s amusing. You giggle like a mad man! Is it the sound or the facial expression of me saying umm? 
I hope next year some of these you maybe even able to answer. Even if it’s just one word answer. 

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