This six weeks holidays I’m attempting to do something different each day.
Of course with Z this could go either way. I’m hoping to try new things, some things will be really simple some will take him out of his comfort zone and some he may not even attempt and others we’ve done before!
So after spending hours looking online for some ideas these are mine in no particular order
1) Have a cinema date
2) Visit the zoo
3) Try a new food
4) Go swimming
5) Paint a canvas
6) Have a picnic
7) Paddle in the sea
8) Mark making
9) Walking
10) Find a firework display
11) Attend a Theatre show
12) Camping
13) Take Z to Newcastle to play with his cousin.
14) Try afternoon tea.
15) play dates
16) Train ride
17) Fairground rides
18) Feed the ducks
19) Finger paint
20) Splashpad
21) Visit a castle
22) Go on Boat ride
23) Food sensory play
24) Try and teach Z how to pedal his bike.
25) Visit friends and family.
26) Go for a walk.
27) Learn a new word!
28) Plant something
29) Visit Cardiff bay beach
30) Attempt bowling .
31) Go rock pooling.
32) BBQ and have a garden party.
33) Put 2ps in the machines!
34) Have a family day.
35) Try and teach Z to write his name.
36) Meet up with friends in soft play.
37) Eat chips watching the sunset at sea!
38) Make a gingerbread man
39) Meet up with an online friend.
40) See how far up Pen Y Fan we can walk.
41) Have fun !
42) Possibly have a date afternoon food and cinema when Z is on respite!
Who knows how many of these we will manage. Hopefully we can tick off a few!

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