This time next week Z’s birthday will kinda be over.
Well until Friday when we take him to Drayton Manor with a few of his friends.
This weekend we took him shopping to see what he wanted for his birthday. Last time we were at toys r us he wanted everything, this time not so much.
We started off in smyths toy store, when he walked the isles having a look. He stopped at some but didn’t choose anything, he eventually stopped on some squeezoos. So he had one and we put the others in the trolley, that was it, he was done.

We stopped by toys r us then, and he wanted Minnie Mouse. If that’s what he wanted along with goofy, he carried them around sitting in an empty trolley as he didn’t fancy anything else!

So this Sunday we’ll celebrate Z’s birthday two days early. He can unwrap his presents play with some balloons and have happy birthday banners up and eat some cake that Nan has made. Yes I swapped his Minnie for a packet of crisps when we got in the car so that’s safely ( hopefully well hidden) upstairs, waiting to be wrapped. I know it’s cruel I let him pick some animals around Asda Let him play with them then packed them up and again swapped with some crisps before getting in the car! As cruel as it is he can’t even ask me where they are!
That way on Tuesday he can take his cake into school and nothing is rushed, we can go to soft play after school like we normally do and even though it’ll be his birthday it was also be another day, the same sort of routine that is normal to him. Nothing to overstimulate him before school, run the risk of running late.
I do have a net, to fill it full of balloons he loves them, I need to go and buy a Micky mouse balloon and pay most probably £10-£15 to blow up the Tsum Tsum balloons I bought for him, unless anyone has a free supply of helium?! But reality is this needs to happen Friday / Saturday. Most probably Friday as Saturday in town is going to be too busy!
I’m quite excited for his birthday week of celebrations. He may get used to having a full week, well unless his birthday falls on a weekend then he’ll only get one day! He’s just lucky this year it’s Tuesday so closer to Sunday, and that he has a day off school Friday so we can go to Drayton Manor.

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