Yesterday we went looking for a garden shed, what’s next to b & q but pets at home, what did we end up with two baby Guinea pigs! Yes, I know, why? 
Well, I was reading a while back about how Guinea pigs apparently are good for children on the spectrum. They like being cuddled and brushed, they like a bit of a routine as in feeding treats, they easy to maintain and they don’t bite like a hamster, rat or rabbit and they small enough to hold. 
So two Guinea pigs and a hutch later were home, yes minus a garden shed! 
Z loves them. He’s learnt how to open the hutch and tries to get the one out, the other is a little faster so he’s more nervous of him! 
He was holding him and being very gentle. 

Couldn’t work out where they were at first.

But when he knew where they lived he also knew how to get them out. 

This this one is his favourite maybe because he’s calmer?! 
So here’s to hopefully the start of a great bond between Z and an unnamed Guinea pig! 

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