On Wednesday we went to meet my baby niece and Z’s baby cousin M.
We left around 10.30 picking my mother up and then my nan. The trip up was a better experience than last summer! Z was brilliant going up, he was well behaved and we missed all the traffic. 
We stopped at one service station and his little face lit up when he seen a Thomas magazine, maybe I’ll have a little train fan after all.
We arrived at about 6. Checked in and went to see M.
I wasn’t sure how Z was going to be, he’s been good with babies but he’s not seen one so small, so young at only 2 weeks, but he was brilliant. He gave her a big kiss, with a big grin. 
That night Z didn’t go to sleep till late, he woke around 4 and must have kept everyone at the b&b awake! He was very loud! At 7.30 I was taking him for a walk to get him out before breakfast, it’s safe to say he didn’t make breakfast! 
On Thursday we took him to South Shields. He had a go on a baby ride, he looks too big for it but really enjoyed it. I can’t put him on rides as such as he’ll try and climb out. This is when autism is hard, when he’s on this baby ride clearly enjoying it but looking like he should be on the mini roller coaster outside. He also had fun posting 2ps in the machines. 
We went to the park where he nearly gave both his nans a heart attack running to the ducks! I’m used to him running and I’d like to think at this age I can catch him every time. I don’t know what he would have done if I hadn’t caught him, would he have tried getting in the water? I’m looking forward to the time he starts school full time and gets swimming lessons! 
That night could clearly see change of routine and far too much sensory overload as he was boincing, didn’t go to sleep till around 10, but did sleep till around 6 in bed with my mam! 
Think it’ll be a while before I attempt to take him away again, maybe being on a ground floor where I could have taken him for a walk in his pram would have been different or a room with just us, I don’t know. The traveling side of it I couldn’t fault him. Maybe he needs to go for a little longer to get into a new routine I don’t know. 
But I think he enjoyed himself. He knew where my sister lived, he went last summer, I couldn’t remember what set of steps to go to but he did on the first night. The second day my nan is going up the wrong ones he’s dragging me to the correct ones, my little sat nav!
So next time we see M she could well be walking! I’m guessing he’ll remember who she is! 

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