Before anyone starts this isn’t a pop at the NHS, I think that giving disabled people free nappies is something that they don’t have to do, but as the service is there there shouldn’t be any discrimination into any disability, and I feel there is.
Z is 4.5, non verbal and still in nappies, well pull-ups. Why pull ups? Because the shops don’t sell bigger nappies. Size 6 nappies were getting too small, they were rubbing inbetween his legs making it uncomfortable to walk never mind run, and run is what he loves to do. What’s next when the shop size no longer fits? 
That’s where the NHS comes in, any disabled child ages 4 and over are entitled to 3 nappies a day, yes 3 is laughable but I’m guessing that’s another post one day if I ever get my pull ups. 
I said I didn’t want nappies, why? Well because it’s a size 6, or an extra small adult, or a pad. I’ve just saidsize 6  no longer fit him, and I’m prepared to save the NHS money by buying size 6 nappies myself, and the extra small adult are far too big, and a pad? As a woman who has a period once a month who has to wear a pad for 3-4 days and at day 3 can’t wait to say goodbye to it for the next four weeks, there’s no way that  one that Z would tolerate a pad in his pants, two how uncomfortable would that be Day in day out and three how is that ever going to help toilet train him? At least pull ups he’s learning to pull up his ‘pants’. 
Again I was asked do I get NHS nappies this time during the peads appointment, I said no explained that I wanted pull-ups but was advised they didn’t do them, yet know others have those pull ups. So a phone call was made, was advised that I could purchase pull ups at cost price, so yes they do do pull ups, which I knew anyways. 
Now fast forward a few months later. Z’s doctor agrees with pull ups for his age, continence team say no. 
Now I’m ready to fight. 

The pull up that currently fits Z, the nappy the NHS wants me to put on Z, and a pair of Xs men’s boxers. 

See the difference in size here? 
The nappy will come up to Z’s chest. Now we all know what happens when he wee’s, the nappy holds it, yes now he’s got a wet belly. Or, the nappy now being heavy falls down, again, between his legs and we’re back to square one of rubbing his legs and not being able to run. 
Now if I sent him into school with those pants on, wonder what would happen ? I’m sure there would be a note home saying something along the lines of please get clothing to fit Z! Why are using adult nappies different? 
What if the shoe was on the other foot and a disabled adult had to squeeze into a xl children’s nappy, you think that would be ok? Nah, something would be done. So why are children being pushed aside. Forgotten? Or is it that disabled children don’t have a say? They are still children, they still deserve dignity. 
Why are pull ups not given out as well as nappies. I’m fortunate Z can stand, I whip of his bottoms and on goes the pull up,  discreetly.  I hate laying him down to change his bum. On a stinking dirty pee stained floor. Would anybody in their right mind just go an lay on a public toilet floor? Why should I do that to my son? What because he can’t talk and tell me the floor is dirty it’s ok? 
So tomorrow I have a meeting with a lady from continence team this isn’t about me wanting what no one else got these products are avaible, maybe not local but the NHS is the NHS. Why should any child be left out? 

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