Tomorrow Z gets his teeth out. I’m trying to feed him lots before bed so he won’t want anything to eat! Yes, I know it don’t work that way. It’s going to be hard to keep him at home with no food and sips of water from 9-11. Maybe 9-10.30 and that’s when I’ll leave to get J? J is going to come with me. She don’t want me to go alone. G can’t get the time off work. He’s a bit annoyed, I said he needs to work and we’ll be fine!  A few of the girls said they would come in all fairness, even N said if she wasn’t working she would have come. I was grateful just for that text, as to be fair we’ve not known each other long. Some of the girls I’ve known ages didn’t offer, some I don’t even think know, that’s how often they don’t bother. I’ve got it to their loss not mine. Who wouldn’t want Z and myself to come knock on doors and stay for ages ?! Ok, that may just be J! 
Nervous, at the moment I’m ok, ish. It’s just teeth yea. I know during the time he’s ‘under’ I’ll be a bag of nerves.  The dentist did say that he’ll be out and by the time I get to the end of corridor he’ll be awake. Can just see that corridor being huge now. Until tomorrow I don’t know. At least this time tomorrow it will be all over and we’ll be home. 
 Today as the weather has been lovely we joined F and I and baby J down the park. We walked down played at the park, walked and had a look at the ponds and headed off home. Whilst J was just finishing his bottle, Z looked at him. He actually smiled and went to touch him. I was on edge, F was fine! ( bet deep down she was nervous too!!) Z carried on playing and J seemed to be watching him, then Z went over to him and touched his cheek. The only other person he interacted with from a young age was E, so maybe it won’t be I and Z being best buddies but maybe J and Z. Who knows! It was nice to just see him interact with someone other than E. I’m not fussy, it can be a three month old baby, interaction is interaction! 
After the park was crèche, when he got back in the car, he was fast asleep within ten minutes. So it’s bath time and pjs on. Then a little time to play on the iPad before bed. Shall see how he goes and maybe we can take the pooches to the park before bed. 

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