Tonight I learnt that Z at six still has no awareness of danger. None at all. 

Leaving McDonald’s he has an meltdown of epic proportions. He was out of his seat, he was on the parcel shelf, he was attempting to get into the front of the car. 

I stopped when it was safe to do so in a dead end street, away from the busy road. My plan was let him kick and scream, drop and flop in a less confined area than the car where I can not drive like that. 

So I got him out, actually shouted go ahead get it out of your system because I can not drive safely with you like this. 

I was expecting him to drop and flop and kick about, what he done was run. One way was a big open space the other way was the busy main road.

He chose the busy main road way.

Lucky I caught him, leading him to the car  he tried to drop and flop, got away from me and ran across the road. Lucky the car coming towards me was slow. 

I managed to get him back in the car still kicking and screaming until half way home he stopped. 

He’s now at nans and I’m thinking of the what if’s.                                                      Why did I think it was a good idea to stop and get him out of the car?

I have no idea what set him off. I may never know, but I do know I won’t be stopping again. I’m not sure how I’d drive with that behaviour though. How can you drive with a not so small human attempting to get out of the boot?

At that point he wasn’t in his giraffe outfit that was for world book day


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