So in April we started to toilet train Z, at one point I wanted to cry and quit, but we continued. When we finally mastered the art of peeing into the toilet we had to get the poo too.


In June I was buying a new mattress for my bed, as Z used poo as paint and a white mattress as his canvas. There were many more poo smearing, thankfully with the lovely summer most were in the garden where we would hose him down. Then came the hot tub, this was his fave place, it would make me cry. Literally every time I thought yes we’ve got this, nope another accident. I think he was sick of me shouting no we poo on the toilet, not in the pool, the bed, the window, keep inserting random places! So he’d hold it until we’d put a pull up on him for bed. Ok I didn’t mind this. But it wasn’t really teaching him anything. During the summer we would start to put that pull up on later and later. Some times at 10.00, but he’d still manage to poo and we’d be changing him before bed.

From September he sort of got the poo on the toilet and we were getting many more poos on the toilet than in his pants and more so than waiting for a pull up.

Two weeks ago we forgot to put a pull up on him for bed, he woke up in the morning wet. Well can’t shout at him no idea what time he even last had a wee. So that’s when we decided no more pull ups.

During school he was having quite a few accidents, so they were putting on a nappy, he’d come in a wee. We had a bit of a wobbly patch before half term, since we’ve been great.

For two weeks at home minus a pull up for bed, he’s had one accident. One, and that was he’d fallen asleep and dad didn’t put him on the toilet first, so we couldn’t really blame him for that one.

I can’t believe how it’s kinda just happened. I’m not saying that that’s it, I know autism. I’m hoping that’s it, but I’m not saying 100%.

To think that in six months we’ve gone from full time pull ups to none. Does this now class Z as toilet trained?

There’s been a lot of tears not always Z’s tantrums, wee and poo everywhere but we’ve got it. I’m so proud of him, he knows when he needs to go and will say toilet time, so it’s not as if we make him wee at a scheduled time.

Hopefully this will make a huge difference for Z’s future. At the moment we still sit, and I think it can stay that way for a long long time!!

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