Nope how sad! 
No, it’s not for any reason, no one is pregnant, and yes I’m still mates with J. 
We are just changing it to a steaming Saturday instead. We shall start a litter earlier and finish a little earlier too. 
Plans were out tomorrow for a mates birthday, but G fell yesterday and broke his arm, meaning he can’t change a nappy, ( any excuse!) so I’m stuck in until Z goes to bed. Or until I’ve gotten him ready for bed then I can go. But can’t even really get drunk as I’ll have to get up with him in the morning. 
Maybe it’s karma after last Sunday morning. 
Yes. I was a horrible person! 
Normally I get up with Z on a Sunday, on a Saturday he’s normally down my parents so we both get a bit of a lay in, I tend to go for Z between 10-11, last Friday he was home. All week he had been up at 5, I was exhausted, but, luckily for me he stayed there on Saturday till 7.30. 
I woke G at 11.30 saying look time to get up, some of us have done a shift! Well, because he had woken so late he wasn’t tired, I heard him at 2.30 coming to bed. As nice of him as it was he stayed in the spare room as to not disturb me. Yea, Zwoke at 4.45, was up, so I walked him into G saying I had him yesterday he’s yours ! He said but I had a late night. Umm unlucky. When he came to ‘wake’ me at 8, saying he was tired, oh boy he had it off me! Every holiday as I know he gets up at 5.30 every day for work, but, and it’s a big but, I leave him in bed. One day I’d like to not see 2,3,4,5,6 or 7 am! 
So yes karma! Cheers, I now have to get up with Z at 2,3,4,5,6 or 7 am as G can’t. I can’t even send the both into the spare room to sleep at 3 am as its his left arm he’s  conveniently broken, so no squeezing Z into the wall. 
Maybe in 6 weeks time I’ll be grey haired, slightly skinner, ( gallbladder playing up and can’t eat food!) and an alcoholic! Wish me luck….
Oh but on the plus side, Z actually counted, 2 ( debatable if its English or Welsh!) 3 and 4. So proud of my little man!!

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