Normally I’d be thinking few more days and that’s it half term over, school Monday. But then I would also be looking forward to the holidays, counting down the days of maybe a lay in after the 3-5am wake up!

I’d give it a week and would be questioning who’s his teacher next year. I can’t do that this year, but it doesn’t stop me worrying.

I have no idea who his teacher will be next year, last year we were told early and the head at the time said it will stay mostly as it is. I’d be thinking that he would most probably stay with his class, this year I’m not sure.

If we had continued in school I’m not sure Z would even be in the class he started in, Z wasn’t happy before we broke up. I had a few meetings and at the last one I wanted him in a new class, but I was told there isn’t a class for him. We broke up the day I should have gotten the actions from that meeting. If there wasn’t in March will there be a class for him in September? Unless there’s a shake up in classes he could very well stay where he is, which is great as he knows all the children in that class, he’s been with one of them for the last three years. Will he keep the teacher that took over in March? Will school be back to normal? Will shielding staff still be off? If so they’ll be short staff I’d have thought. Will they be on a rota as to when they can attend school, week in week off, that would be a nightmare in itself! But we’d get time at the beach!

This term there’ll be no sports day, no school fete, no parents evening, no school reports, and no meeting the class teacher. If we go back to normal in September will things like assembly’s be a thing of the past, alongside Christmas concerts. School is going to change regardless. Then it’s do I really want to send Z back to that? Photos showing some schools now, one child at a desk in a box, having ‘bubbles’ to play in on the yard, x marks the spot of where they stand and so many toys gone. If it can’t be wiped down it can’t be played with. How’s that going to work with the sensory play Z gets ? It’s not going to be happening right. No pack lunch boxes to be sent in, what’s Z going to eat? I know right now we have twelve weeks to get through first but it’s a thought process.

Being home these last two months or so hasn’t been too bad. Okay, we’ve had a few issues, we’ve had a few nights of late nights and early starts, but overall we’ve done ok. We’re learning. We’re adapting and being let out would be way easier that this. It’s given me the confidence that yes it’ll be hard, but if he’s not happy in school the option of homeschooling or I’d do unschooling would be there. He’d still be learning, not the curriculum but I’m thinking if the possibilities.

I’d be worried Z would miss his friends. Just this week he named all the children in his class, but from last year, including Theo, so he remembers. It would be difficult for me to take Z away from all of the social things he gets in school, but with the way social distancing is still going well have to wait and see.

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