What is it now?

Z can go back to school one day a week for the next three weeks. What do I do? I’m not worried about the virus, maybe I should, but right now I’m not.

Of course, I’m worried of Z’s mental health, the last what three months he’s seen one child, E, once, of course it wasn’t the same with the ‘no’s’ of getting to close due to social distancing. What’s that done for his social learning? His social understanding. In school he’ll be an only child, something that I had asked for and agreed to, because I have no idea what he’s going to be like.

But, now I’m thinking for three weeks do I screw him up even more? Look, here’s your class minus friends and then go September and all change again.

Throughout all of this I do feel that children like Z have been forgotten, their needs been ignored, routines all changed, then when he’s expected to go back to the so called normal and can’t cope what will it be? Is he then being naughty?

These last three months we’ve had ups and downs, it’s not all been fun but I’ve learnt so much from Z. Do we loose all the progress by messing him back up again. Sometimes I hate parenting. Always have to make the most hardest choices. Always try and put Z’s needs before anyone else’s. What happens if they are the wrong choices.

With things slowly opening up and possibly being able to go further than 5 miles maybe on his school day, the other days I may be working, we could go on an adventure?

I know I can’t wait to go to the beach and eat some chips on the sand, possibly even get in the sea with Z, these last few months have taught me we need to live a little more.

Here’s to the ( hopefully) rest of summer and winter of 2020 let’s not make it a complete washout.

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