You jealous that it’s only 7.45 on a Sunday and I’m in bed? Truth be told I now have my alarm set for a extra 40 minutes earlier tomorrow! I need to mop my floor for portage, it’s wet outside I have paw prints and chocolate cake crumbs. But I knowi would have to give it at least an hour tonight, 30 for Z to settle and 30 to tidy so I’m calling it quits, going to bed same time as Z and will be sleeping by 8.15. 
He had a bad night last night, fell asleep at 6.30, went to bed, he woke about 10.45 I think with wind or a nightmare, he was going back to sleep at 3. I never stay up till 3 because it totally wipes me out! That with vodka keeping me awake, last night it was just coffee. So when he’s up and full of beans at 7.30, poor me!! He’s not even had a nap. We missed two parties because when I’m tired I loose all patience, when he’s tired it’s not worth taking him to a new place. The two don’t mix well. 
 I will lose that last .% of patience I have if next doors dogs continue to bark, they are fireworks I get that, if they bark keep them in! 
Here’s to a much better week next week! Never mind what’s left 5 weeks till Christmas holidays? 
On that nice thought I’ll wish you all goodnight x 
Oh plus, before I go… Z has a new word. No! Sometimes it’s in context sometimes it’s just s sound, but to me it’s a word. We now have Mam, Dad, Nan, Yeah, Hiya and No. Without the lovely babbling sounds. He can also jump now, if your holding him and say bounce bounce, or jump jump he will with a big grin on his face! 

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