I’ve not been to Oakwood for many years, it was at one time the place all school trips were held, so when I was given tickets to review * I jumped at the chance, to make new memories with Z. 
With it being the hubbys birthday we headed off to Oakwood. He was also excited as he’s never been before. I know right! 
When we left it was sunny, shorts and tshirts weather, as we were getting closer there was just black skies waiting, then the heavens opened. I had a hoody in the car and Z had a spare coat, as for hubby nothing! It was all fine, he bought a poncho but wasn’t needed, the sun came out and every where dried up. The first few rides we went on were wet so I did have a wet bum all the way around, would have been good if the staff had some paper tissue to just give the seats a quick dry after the rain! 
Not sure if the weather put people off as when we arrived it was very quiet. Great for Z as we didn’t need to get a fast pass, as there was no queue. They do give out fast passes, I’m assuming you’ll need proof of disability like most places. The staff were great, there was one ride that we were told to just enter via the exit, he could see Z wasn’t happy he needed to walk around and was starting to play up.
There’s lots more than I remembered being there, they have a new Dahl land, Z really enjoyed the ladybird trampoline. There looks to be a nice little rollercoaster too that’s being built. Also lots of room for what ever new things are planned!

We headed up to Neverland and Z loved it. He loved the lost boys area where he could choose a colour slide and run back around and go down another! I must admit this kept him amused for a lot longer than it did us! But best part was he couldn’t escape!!
We went on a ride of London, flew with Tinkerbell, went on some airplanes, went on a pirate ship and visited the house! I loved the house, was really pretty, and the photos don’t do it justice, when I walked on the floor and it lit up my heart did skip a little looking down.

Z loved the soft play, I was surprised at how clean and safe it was. Obviously a fire door but other than that only one way in and out, that’s a huge weight lift when you can actually sit down and have that ten minutes to recharge whilst he can run and burn off his energy safely.  I’d like to see Neverland expanded as it would be lovely for a family day out.
We left Neverland to explore the rest of the park, headed to the pirate ship, treetops and megafobia, now these are what I remembered! Z is still too little for the pirate ship and megafobia, but he was fine to go on Treetops, now that’s faster than what I remembered it to be, but Z loved it, and we ended up going on it another four times, even dad came on once. 

Then dad being braver than myself took him on the open waterslides, when I saw him come whizzing down there my heart was in my mouth, but, Z being the little dare devil he is he loved it and went back on again, after attempting to run luckily the staff were quicker than dad! I don’t think I was ever brave enough to go on that when I used to go! 

We had a lovely day as a family, yes it was quiet but that was great for us, meant that Z didn’t get overstimulated whilst queuing and we could go on his favourite things more than once which is always a plus. But I think if you are looking to go on fast oh my god rides you maybe a little disappointed as there seems to be only three big rides and looking they don’t seem to be open all day.
We did get Z some chips, the prices seemed expensive but the same as other theme parks we’ve been to. What we did notice was that the park was very clean, no rubbish there were staff about picking the odd bit up. We posted some 2ps in the arcades, tried unsuccessfully to get a minion, and had a run around in the little park. 
I loved the fact that I could change Z, there was a work unit that he could lay on, saved either going back to the car or changing him on a toilet floor.
Of course we couldn’t have left the park without watching the people get drenched! Oh my!! They were brave even Z laughed at them all screaming.
I will take Z back, I want to go on the new James and the Giant peach rollercoaster! Next time maybe a few more of us so that way I can get to re live my youth and try megafobia and the pirate ship again whilst there’s someone there to watch Z, I’d book when there was a sale on as to be honest the prices did seem a little expensive. 
* I didn’t pay for my tickets, and all opinions are my own.

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