I can not believe we are in October already, October, 3 years ago I was getting all excited on meeting my little guy, now I’m thinking of his third birthday. His party is Sunday, him and E are having a joint party this year. Monday he started coughing, Thursday brought with it being sick. It’s a no win, do I wait it out and treat it as a cold or get him to docs incase it’s another ear infection. Health visitor advised get him to docs, today, so waiting on a phone call.
 Today was portage, Z wasn’t that bad waking up, if I though he was sick I would have cancelled, but it’s getting worse as the day goes on. Cough is worse, nose isn’t running as much and he’s hot.  
 He done ok for S, not too bad as he must be feeling like crap. He didn’t do too much for the health visior but think that maybe coz he’s feeling like crap! He’s now flat out grumping in his sleep, cwtched up with his blankie. Hope he’s better for Sunday. Thinking as its only Thursday he has a full Friday and Saturday to recover if it’s a cold, if it’s his ears and we can get to docs today and he needs antibs by Sunday he’ll be much better!
Hopefully he’ll be much better for portage on Monday and will get back to where he was a few weeks ago.
 So here’s to sitting here watching him sleep, have a coffee some pizza for dinner and catch up on tv whilst waiting on doctor to ring. 

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