Last night I was invited * to see octopus soup at New Theatre Cardiff.

It was surprisingly busy for an opening night I did notice that the audience seemed of a more mature age. The actors were well known Nick Hancock ( They think it’s all over) who plays Seymour , Paul Bradley ( Nigel Bates Eastenders) who plays Marvin, Carolyn Backhouse ( Coronation street) who plays Seymour’s wife Gloria.

I was unsure of what to except as I I don’t think I’ve been to a comedy before and I’m not sure a comedy is for me. I did laugh a few times but mainly when everyone else had stopped and only then I was getting it!

Octopus Soup! is about an insurance man Seymour who gets burgled by Marvin. The burglary goes wrong and Seymour who’s lost out on a deal with the big cooperate Virginia because he was being burgled! Seymour ends up going into business with Marvin as an insider on what area gets burgled on what night, pretending to be some big computer algorithm. Then ends up getting his wife and Virginia involved.

The acting was great, the stage set up as the interior of the bungalow was great, but I didn’t laugh as much as everyone else around me did. As I said me and comedy’s maybe do not go!

You can purchase tickets for Octopus soup! here and is running at The New Theatre Cardiff until Saturday 13th April 2019.

* I was gifted my tickets in exchange for a review.

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