January, where did you go? All my intentions of losing 4lb this month didn’t happen. February in determined! Back to my fitness pal, calorie counting and exercise. I’ve started walking this week, and I’m going to join a sliming club. I think you have to be in that I’m going to do it this time frame of mind to actually do it. I’ve given myself a goal of 1lb a week. I’m hoping I can achieve that. That gives me time to loose around 10lb before the Nas purple tie ball, and hopefully an extra 2lb by Z’s sponsored walk. I need to be fit to walk those 5 miles! If I could loose the stone for the purple tie ball that would be amazing. 
My next goal then is for my mates wedding which is 21 weeks after the ball, 21lb a stone and half. If I could round it all up to 35lb by then I would be happy! 
Next goal would be my target ( it’s not my ideal weight!) but I’d be happy with it would be another 10lb by my birthday at the end of November. 
I think 1lb a week is a reasonable one, I’m hoping it’s not going to be too difficult, I think joining in a slimming group that is within walking distance will also help! 
So here’s to my fitbit becoming my best friend, to motivating me to increase my steps each week! To my fitness pal to count my cals. If I can hit 7lb loss by the time the new Fitbit is realised I’m going to treat myself! For a stone loss I’m going to get a new pair of converse! What I’ll get when I hit any more I’m not sure! 
* I can do this, I can do this!   

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