Last week I went to Ogmore as part of my environmental studies.  I walked along the beach collecting different shells from rock pools and threw sticks for lots of dogs.  The weather was nice and hot for a great day out on the long beach.
I also found a mermaids purse in a rock pool, a mermaids purse is a shark egg and is found washed up from the sea.  I am also very excited because I will be making a dog out of the shells I collected.
Macmillan coffee morning
For Macmillan coffee morning I helped my nan to bake three different kinds of cakes, Jam and coconut, Butterfly cakes and cupcakes.  My favourite part of the morning was seeing what cakes people had bought or made to raise money for this great cause.  There was a stall for clothes and household items, cakes and sweets and there was a raffle at the end.

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