Five, where did the last five years go?
I look at you and can still see that teeny tiny under 5lbs baby I carefully brought home from the hospital.
Now your my three stone baby elephant.
Look how far we’ve come in five years. We’ve gone through a lot and I’d like to say come out the other end better than when we went in!
Yes somedays I wish life was different don’t we all? I wish you could talk and tell me what was up, that would be my main wish, but we’re learning, it maybe slow but it’s slow and steady.
Some days I wish we could do what a ‘normal’ family could do, but define normal. Would we be able to get away with being up to our knees in the sea in September if we were ‘normal?!

This last year you really have come on so much, I could go back and look at last years post and read the same, but you have. You’ve learnt loads. How to copy, jump, to say lots of words, to tell us when you’re sad.
You are always laughing and smiling and I wouldn’t have you any other way.
Some days I could take you and dump you on the first person who would have you, but I’d come right and get you as I know I’d miss you.
You make me want to tear my hair out somedays but I just watch your every move other days ( ok I have to watch you don’t come through my ceiling or try to climb out the window or drink from the toilet!)
Wonder what we’ll achieve in the next year? I’m guessing loads more with that cheeky little smile and the little attitude to go with it. You’ll keep everyone on their toes and keep getting everyone you meet to fall in love with you and your crazy little ways!
So happy fifth birthday my crazy little guy!

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