When your sat in soft play waiting on your mate, there’s lots of children younger than Z running around, interacting, playing. This is when Z stands out as being different. 
After watching the first episode of the ‘a word’, the struggles for the parents are obvious. 
After chatting to other parents, they all say the same. 
What I have to look at is Z is happy, he’s happy running around with a glove on, looking at those numbers on the wall. Like the kid on the ‘a word’ who was happy listening to music, oblivious, to the people around him. 
It’s again one of those big questions how long can we keep ‘normal’ going. What’s normal to us, why isn’t running around with on glove on and a monkey finger puppet on that not normal?! 
I’m lucky we’ve been going to soft play for a year, as I’ve said they are great, most of the time there’s regulars there and they are all understanding of Z too. They’ll let him look at the baby, put a dummy in their mouths and tickle their toes! So it’s not all the time it hits me, only on a day like today. 
My son is unique, he’s lush, and if he wants to run around with one glove on he can! If he wants to wear a glove in the middle of summer, well he can! 

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