Our Chorkie keeps escaping, we’ve lost her a few times the last few weeks, a lady took her in, since then she’s been heading that direction and sitting on her doorstep. I’m terrified she’s going to get hit by a car and killed. So we asked the lady who liked her did she want her, she initially said no, I was ok with that, she’s our dog. A few people said put her in the homes someone will take her in. No, again she’s our dog I’m not just getting rid of her. 
When the car isn’t parked outside the gate for Z to see it, we have a bad day, because the car isn’t where it’s supposed to be. I’m looking at getting a drive built after Christmas so the car is always in the same place, then I thought what about the dog she’ll always be escaping.  
Last night the lady knocked out door, said we’re we still looking at get rid of the dog as she hasn’t stopped thinking about her and would love to take her. So off she happily went, if she pines we’ll take her back, but I can’t see that happening. 
Our other dog has been ok, thought he may miss her, it is his daughter! But he’s much calmer, much quieter, and don’t even seem to be looking for her. 
I feel bad for giving away a member of my family, but I’ve done it for her safety, at least I know she’s safe, she’ll have all the attention she wants that I can’t give with a child and another dog! 
I hope she’ll be ok in her new home. 
This is my last picture of her 🙁 but I’ll see her around I’m sure! 

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