In two days the Easter Holidays are over. We have one term of school left, one term that’s it. Four weeks and a week off then the last seven weeks.

Eleven weeks and that’s this school year over.

To think I was worried about Z, this year he’s made so much progress in so many areas. From his reading out loud to his use of pecs, even starting to use them at home. His speech is getting much better, and he babbles in general more, whilst looking at you as if he knows he’s suppose to be talking to you.

Of course I’d love it one year for Z to keep this teacher, the one who has seemed to get him to do loads, the one he asks for daily the one who seems to have a way with him that he’s willing to try and learn. One more year and the possibilities of what he could maybe achieve would be endless.

I know we won’t keep the same teacher we never do. We always start from the beginning again. It’s like by the time the teacher gets the child they move on.

As much as I’d love Z to keep the same teacher just to see what she could get him to achieve in an extra year the thought then of having to loose her this time next year I think maybe even worse! I’d be thinking she’s gotten him to do so much can we keep her again, maybe I should start to do the lotto and see if we could get extra tuition ?!

But for now I can’t worry. He’s always been fine moving teacher and we’ve managed.

For now though we have to embrace the next eleven weeks, keep working with Z at home to encourage his use of pecs so that it’s there it’s what we do at home too.

Eleven weeks until the end of term where hopefully the sun will be shining and we can go on lots of adventures.

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