This time last week I was still flying high so to speak. 
My recovery hasn’t been too bad. 
Z has been pretty good, my parents have been great, taking Z for me whilst G has been at work. 
I’ve been left with four scars, the top three have been fine since day two and I’d say I wouldn’t even know I’ve had surgery, they itched and bruised that’s how I knew, the bottom one by the belly button hurts. I thought it was because of the muscles, you move more using your core there fore maybe that’s why it was taking it a little bit longer. 
Wednesday evening it was very red, angry red and sore, one moment I was warm the next cold, but no temperature,  on Thursday I thought maybe it was a bit of an allergic reaction so I removed the dressing. Friday morning seemed much better, by mid day it was back to being red and angry, so a quick trip to the GP, looking at it he said it was quite possible that it was all three,  and he said I was lucky I went in, if I had left it by Sunday I would have been in Hospital on a drip. The high heart rate and infection looked like early signs of sepsis, so antibiotics. The red angry local swelling could be part of a reaction so antihistimes. He then said that even though key hole surgery is less invasive the risks are slightly higher because everyone has bacteria in the belly button and that being cut about can upset that balance and start an infection, so cream. 
I had to take at least three out of the four antibiotics last night, and use the cream twice. Today it don’t look as angry as it was last night. Still sore and stinging but much more manageable. 
I’m glad I went to see the doctor. When you read of people going to sleep one night and waking up minis limbs is scary. When my dad jokingly said last week, ‘hey you made a will?’, maybe it’s something scary that I may have to do. 

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