When I got asked did I want to review the book Our Altered life I said yes not really knowing what to expect.
From the moment I started I was can I say proud of how Charlie puts all her emotions straight out there. Would proud be the correct word when I don’t even know her?
I’m guessing to start people will be outraged! How can she say that? How can she feel that? But I thought she was so brave. She is saying what everyone else would be thinking. I’ve not been in that position but I know I’d think it, it has to be human and would you even be human if you didn’t.
As I went on through the chapters, I couldn’t put it down. There were certain areas that Just reminded me of my own son, so of course I had to keep reading.
I laughed and I had tears. When family events happen you can just feel the love as your reading the chapters.
It must have been extremely hard. The boys sound so much fun, and to be able to joke about missing body pieces adds to the funny side of the book.
It’s one of those books that even if you don’t have anything in common with you would read it and smile. I read it in a day, I really couldn’t put it down.
Since I read the book had to follow their journey over on instagram and the boys really are lush!
Its well written and easy to read. Chapters are quite short so I’d like me you have to finish a chapter before you can do anything else it’s great!
Our Altered life is now out to buy.

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