I put up pictures of places where Z often goes. People often ask where these places are. So I thought I would write a few of our favourite places. 
Soft play 
Our local soft play where we go most often is Giddy Kiddies. Now that Z is at school we will try and go after school once a week. There’s a sensory room and Z loves the place. It helps that the staff are lovely! 

We like to go to feed the ducks at Cyfarthyr park . We walk the lake, play in the park, take a train ride, stroll through the woods and on a nice day play in the splash pad!

Another one is Thomastown park. There’s a park and again a nice little walk. 

Brecon Mountain Railway
Z enjoyed the train ride and think I’ll have to take him again! 

Think these are where we get asked most! 

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