The last week of term is upon us,  I could say how far Z has come since this time last year when things were starting to come together, but I’d like to think how far I have come. Not one to blow my own trumpet but Parenting has taught me a few things, think it’s taught me to look outside the box. This time last year was hard, there was no language, I know there still isn’t but now I know the reason. I’d like to think I have a little more patience when it comes to Z, patience on anything else I lost years ago! I may have that bit more when I’m out and about or rather I may try and have a bit more! 
 I know I wouldn’t have got there without certain people, I don’t expect anyone to have him I wanted him he’s my responsibility! But family are good. You don’t expect strangers to become friends and help you along. I’m guessing I’ll meet many more people on this journey I also know I’ll loose some on the way, I’m expecting it! 
 This weekend has been a rough one, I’ve worked 9-5.30 both days and Z has been ill. Friday he was still awake at 11.30, cried going down, Saturday morning he wasn’t himself when I left, I blamed it on tiredness. Saturday night at 12, we were getting in from the hospital, another double ear infection. Roll on August when he finally gets to see ENT. As he was overtired yesterday he didn’t go to sleep till 11.30 again. So as you can imagine he’s rather grumpy! He didn’t get much done for portage, but he did interact a little, she left he wasn’t bothered until he noticed she had left. Then he was out the door looking! I brought him back in and he screamed. I did say to him like I always do, no you can’t go out you’ve not got shoes on or its raining and you’ve not got a coat. That’s what I said to him today, no it’s raining and you ‘ve not got a coat on. Five minutes later after the screaming stopped he went into kitchen and brought his coat to the front door. Now I have to be proud of that, was it the listening or the connecting coat to rain? All to get out and up them steps after S. Maybe I could hire her for a week of babysitting, wonder what he could learn in that time…!! A full intense course!

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