Tonight was parents evening, to have a look through Z’s books at his drawing, his mark making, following letters, painting, matching and ordering is amazing. To see what he can achieve or does achieve on a daily bases is great.
To see the work the staff has put in this year just adds to the whole I know I made the correct choice of school.
Three books of work, three books of photos to back up his targets achieved status along with videos.
To see videos of Z ordering numbers, colour matching or doing jigsaws is yea ok he does that at home it’s nothing really new. To read he can read certain words again nothing new. Annoyingly there’s thing I know he can do that they can’t cross off as he refuses to do it whilst being filmed. Meaning there’s no proof that he can do it, means it can’t be crossed off.
What made me smile was a video of Z sitting on the floor doing a jigsaw, along side Z was a little boy. Now another kid in his space and Z not kicking off was a wow moment! Look how close that kid is and letting that him touch the jigsaw he’s doing. More so was when the teacher said that’s his friend, he allows this kid to share his ‘toys’, to run around with him and sit next to him in circle time, they hug one another when they see each other and hold hands. They play with one another.
Z has a friend. One thing I was worried about was Z having a friend, would he ever have friends, would he have the ability to form a friendship? Apparently so. I always said if he just made one friend in school I’d be happy. They could have told me so much in parents evening tonight and the thing I took away was Z has a friend, and that friend is moving up with Z. He’ll move to a new class with his friend.

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