Last week I went to parents evening. Is it big headed to say I wasn’t expecting bad news? Maybe because I’m lucky enough to see a teacher every day whilst collecting Z from school where other parents are not. So I’m thinking if there were any real problems they would have told me. 
I’ve seen the progress Z has made in a few short weeks, huge progress in the last year alone. To think this time last year we were saying goodbye to portage and panicking how I was going to managed in the big wide world by myself. Well it’s safe to say I’m doing ok. Ok, most of the time I’m doing ok! Of course we have those rough days but don’t everyone, the rough days make the fun days way more fun. 
Anyway, back to parents evening. I think his teacher was impressed with how well he’s coming along in general. We had his iep back a few days before, so there’s things on there that he had already hit. Copying is a big one Z struggles with. I can copy him making sounds and it’s funny but he won’t copy sounds if we make them. So for him to copy in school that day was huge. 
He’s quite advanced in his numbers and of course spelling, it’s just getting him to pass you a number or letter. I think he knows the number or letter he just don’t want to give it over, I’ll work on maybe pointing to the letter or number with him. 
Again, reading, does he know the word he’s spelling? Is he able to read that word. That’s another thing we don’t know. 
I had a look through his books, he looks happy in school, looks like he’s enjoying himself and the teachers seem to like him so that’s all good! He gets up to all sorts of messy play, sensory play and mark making. 
The next thing to work on is toilet training, we’ve gone from nappies to pull ups and he is more aware of what he’s doing so that’s another good sign! 
Here’s to the next year in school and how far he’ll come when the next parent evening comes along. 

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