Z and E  have their party tomorrow, we went for the easy option of food being prepared there, a bouncy castle and a huge room for Z to be able to run about in! 
Last night vodka Friday didn’t happen, not because J and B couldn’t handle the alcohol this week, ( after last week! That’s another post entirely, I won’t embarrass them as they are my mates!!) but apart from both toddlers having a cold we were actually sensible adults and made the party bags. Yes, our vodka Friday turned into coffee and cake and party bags. Can’t do a shandy Saturday this week either like last week as the party is tomorrow. Plus to be fair I think drinking on a Saturday is much harder than a Friday when Monday is that one day closer. 
 Now J and I are heading into town for some last minute things like balloons! Maybe we’ll stop for a quick coffee too? 

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