Today for Z’s birthday we took a trip to folly farm. He loves the place,  loves the penguins more than anything.
He loves the open space to run around. I like the fact that on the out door equipment there’s now a fence around them with one way in one way out. Makes it much safer. It was better to go here with the family, and J & E as his friend. Much more fun than a party, here he can just run around for hours instead of the normal two with a party! 

We were lucky enough to get some Party supplies, I choose the peppa pig theme. We were the only ones that had a table cloth with matching plates and cups to eat our birthday cake on. It did look really good! I Think we really stood out. It was great that I just had to take a made up box with me I didn’t have to go shopping or worry about getting anything. 
The party bags can go into school with Z tomorrow, with the tablecloth and cake so he can have a party with his school friends. 
I’d do this next year, would take the stress out of party shopping, within the week my box had arrived with made up party bags. So much easier, why am I only learning of this stress free idea when I’ve already done two parties! There was a good selection of characters to choose from and I was impressed with the quality. 
This birthday has been the least stressful party wise!

Think we all had a great day, other than the five to six minutes we lost Z, but that’s another story, one in which I will tell in a few days when just thinking of it don’t make me feel sick all over again. 
After we enjoyed cake, we were going to visit the fish but Z had different ideas and fell asleep. So we had a look in the shop and headed off home!

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