Can’t believe it’s already Friday. Tonight it’s back to vodka Friday! 
This week Z have achieved quite a bit, other than working well for S during his portage session, he’s learning new things too. Ok, not all are good, he’s tipping water up and splashing in it! He’s had a good week at Creche too. He’s going back to panel to hopefully continue his one to one support. Hes doing well with that and joining in in Creche. 
He’s made a few choices all by himself, one being today at the indoor play centre. Normally he wouldn’t, he’d give his drinks card and wait for one, it’s gone to waiting by the fridge, getting one out and taking it, to choosing a bottle over a can of Coke. Today, he actually picked a drink, by putting his pointy finger on the top. Yup that’s the drink he wanted. 
 He then shopping, made a squeaking noise, so I stopped the trolley, said what do you want, I picked up a few different toys, he smiled at two and pushed my hand away for every thing else, the one he held and kissed, so ok, it’s that, walks away and he throws the toy on the floor, made more noise took him back, picked up a peppa pig toy, he held it around and yes that’s what he wanted! I’m so pleased with his progress. He fell asleep with a figure in each hand. 
Whilst out for diner with the girls, I was watching E and P and realised Z isn’t like them at all, he is different. E and P were copying one another, looking at each other and laughing. Z didn’t even notice. Going back a few months ago, I think I would have walked away and been gutted. Today no. Today, I’m watching Z grow, watching him learn. Right, it may not be on that straight line that apparently is the correct way to grow. But he’s getting there and if that means going up, down, left and right first, I’ll take the corners with him. So who’s to say what is the right way?

Before he got messy eating pizza and ice cream

He is making progress, who knows what the future is going to bring, but I know one thing I can’t wait for his birthday and Christmas. I’m not going to lie, I’m nervous over my tree Christmas time! That nervous feeling I had when he was just walking at one, that I didn’t need to be as he wasn’t fazed by it! Then at two when it was just taking up space too run. Now he’s actually noticing things, poor tree! I can’t wait to see if he will open his birthday presents that I now have to wrap as he’s unwrapping things. 
Right now he’s enjoying his happy meal with nan and no doubt being spoilt rotten, I’m off up for my vodka, and letting G get a few hours in on what ever game he’s playing! 
 Hope you all have a good Friday and a nice weekend! 

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