Another early morning for us today, Z thought that 3am was a fun time to get up. He finally went back at 4.20 but was up for the day at 5.55. Yes my poor eyes are stinging!! 
I made him have a nap today, he finally gave in around 1, I woke him at 3.30 and he didn’t want to be woken. Unlucky fella, I didn’t want to be awake at 3 or 6 this morning. 
We didn’t do much, G and myself finished off banshee then met Lj and S in Pizza Hut. Z likes it here so it’s kind of a place we know he’ll eat food at, and the mood he was in before we went was questionable to what he would have been like. But, he was good. We used to go out quite often before Z was born, we have gone out a few times since Things are just that little bit more child led now. But it’s good so I’m sure they don’t mind! 
Home and pjs on for bed, no fighting us. He’s currently there, I’m sure sounding out a b, whilst I right this, eyes half closed laying in bed! 
 Tonight tho was my last meal out, told I may have a wedding to go to in May, so I have ten months to loose this weight. Nothing like a bit of motivation. Monday look out!! Think I’ll be dedicating one post a week on weight loss and exercise, that way I know there’s at least one person reading a post so I’ll have to report a loss. Wish me luck! Now I’m off to bed. 
 Good night!! 

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