So plastic free July is coming up.
That means I’m into month 7 of my less plastic.
In this time I’ve bought two 5p bags, I’ve bought two or three plastic bottles when I’ve been out, slowly my husband is changing his ways and will choose a can of pop over a bottle. Changed his plastic buying bottles way to a stainless steel bottle, fills it with squash from a glass bottle.
When I can I’ve chosen naked veg over packed veg. Next up I need to try and grow my own.
I still go through a lot of crisps for Z but I’ve cut my intake down I’d say by half, my next mission will not to eat a packet of crisps, but as a crisp lover that will be hard. Z has had a few fruit shoots with a happy meal, I’ve not bought him one. He’s taken his stainless steel bottle every where! For school he’s not taken a plastic bag in his tin lunchbox.
For the first year ever I’ve eaten my strawberries as they’ve grown and not left them to the bugs! I’ve grown some flowers for the bees. We all need those bees! I’ve planted a tree.
I’ve attempted to make my own gingerbread men, my own Yorkshire’s, and my own flap jacks. Cleaning wise I’ve made my own soap, bath bombs, toilet bombs, and cleaning liquid.
Next up will be to attempt to make my own shampoo bar.

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