Since Thursday evening Z havnt been happy asleep. Keeps crying in his sleep. Yesterday he was tired after not getting much sleep Friday night. Could tell he was tired as he cwtched up and pinned me to the settee fast asleep holding his ear which made me think was it an infection, yet his nose is still running. 

As a very early birthday present we got him a tv for his room, with the hopes that he’ll associate a program with bed, like at nans its winnow the pooh. With not being 100% last night we put it on with bubble guppies. When he seen the tv he had a huge smile, he jumped and flapped in excitement, jumped on his bed and grabbed all his blankies ready. By 9.30 he was sleeping, but on the floor! 

After carefully putting him back in, he woke crying like the night before. He didn’t want to lay down, and at around 2 we had some Nurofen, even that didn’t work the magic of knocking one out! At 4.45 we gave up after the every 15 minutes of crying, and rang prime care. Appointment for 10, so off we go. Whilst waiting think he cried himself to sleep, making most of the check up much easier! He did wake whilst looking in his mouth. 
The doctor can’t see any infection but there’s something not quite right with the little human, he’s crying and he don’t cry, he’s grumping and he don’t really do grumping he’s feeling very sorry for himself. He’s had a 2 hour nap and his temp has gone, he’s just very tired. She did give him antibiotics as said I know him best and know there’s something not right. 
I’m thinking maybe if he’s becoming more aware of things is he aware he’s in a bit of pain, where as before it wouldn’t bother him. So we’ve started giving him the Antibs, if there is an infection we will see a huge improvement after two lots and he’ll be back to himself by the fourth lot. 
It’s still hard not knowing what’s up, or him unable to tell us why he’s crying and or where it hurts. 

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