What a busy Monday we have had! Started off as normal with portage, so pleased as today, S  didn’t have to abandon task! Ok, he wasn’t in the best mood, he was doing ok until she arrived and wanted him to work. He’s hit the stage of I’m not doing anything you want me to, I’ll do it if I want to. If we’re out and about walking he’ll hold my hand, until he sees something and he twists and turns gets on the floor up and gone. 
 So after S went, we went to the park with E, walked a little bit hand in hand. 😍 
This kid has no fear, it’s actually really scary as he don’t see any danger, a slide this size in wellies. It’s ok I went to the top right behind him.   
Yup, even playing on something other than the swing or slide, this is new, he still isn’t sure how these things work, but he’ll sit on them!! 
I then went to work, and Z played at nans. Picked him up after and came home. He went to bed and I made a start with the flooring on what will be his sensory room. So when I start something I like to try and complete it. 
I’m really proud of myself. Some of the mats, we’ll all the ones down the side and the bottom of the room had to be cut. I done it all. Then thought why not use the left over Mays to go across the walls. I’ve not stripped the old wallpaper off, I’m trying to do it on a budget, and having the walls plastered do not come into said budget! Even nan and grampa are paying towards it for his birthday and Christmas pressie! ( when he’s outgrown his sensory room I’ll have a tidy room, tidy walls and a table and chairs!) until then, they’ll stay like this. It’s not finished yet, I have a few things left to take out, I want a little book case up for his books, he does like a chill out time too, but all that will come, as he grows. I have lights to go up. But it’s all taking shape. Hopefully before Christmas I’ll have some mirrors up on the wall for him too. 

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