Yes, today we didn’t get the 3am wake up, or the 6am, 7.15 I’m happy with that. I do think that the last week of late nights early mornings really knocked him for six. I can’t really whinge either though as he’s been really good. 
Being Monday, it starts off with portage. I have to say he done fab. Was really good. Part of me thinks he’s hit another mental leap in development, this time his understanding has come on. Same as when the leap came and he crawled, then another leap and walked, this one hopefully will bring with it awareness and speech. Ok, words! He done everything that was asked of him today, touched each card, even if it was with his head, he touched, wasn’t asked to touch with his hand so touch is touch. He fed a doll, now I honestly didn’t think he was capable of anything like that so I was shocked. 
Next up was speech therapy. Now Z knows he’s expected to use the card to get what he wants. When he gets started he’s ok, won’t really use them at home, he’s been doing it with his ducks but with a near unlimited supply he don’t get so bored. Uses them well to get a drink at Creche so we know he’s capable. It’s just getting the hang of it everywhere. Hopefully when he starts school he’ll get it. 

Trying to carry his bag with all his ducks into speech.

After speech, it was home for a quick nappy change and a packet of quavers, his choice, before the dentist. 
 The dentist. This was a new dentist after they wouldn’t see him for being late, then didn’t referee him. Glad I rang for an appointment myself. He didn’t sit and let them look at his teeth, not that I expected him too. Waiting in the waiting room of he wasn’t running, banging the radiator or trying to climb the seats he wasn’t too bad. After seeing the dentist, I had to sign forms so that next Tuesday, they can remove his two front teeth. Yes, knock him out and take out his teeth. My little guy with no front teeth. I can’t remember him having no front teeth. His came through at 6 months. Some people including J have never seen him without teeth. Going to be so strange. 

This radiator is as good as any to play as a drum at the dentist!

So finally after yet another busy day, it was time to chill with pizza and the minions before bed. 

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