what a busy Monday! 
Started this day off up bright and early, Z’s choice. Must have been excited for portage. In all fairness he worked quite well today, much better than he has for the last few weeks. After he closed the door on S a full on crying fit. 
After his dinner, I sneakily got his blanket and gave it to him whilst he was watching Micky mouse, then put the cushions on him, ten minutes later snoring! 
Mam one, Z nill! 
I carried sleeping Z to the car ready for speech therapy. Today was the start of the first of his next six sessions. He knows he has to give those cards, but it’s like he says ah I don’t want them that bad. 
Was excited to actually go out to play before his appointment today!
 After it, it was kids fit time with NAS M, as we only had thirty minutes or so it was easier to take him to play at the park at the side of the building, save the taking in and out of the car.
He had fun climbing, running and knocking. Yea, his new thing is knocking everything. He still even managed to run around in kids fit too. I’d love half of his energy. 
 Dropped him off with his dad so I could meet J to book their party. All done. Now we’re all excited for the birthday party of the year!! 

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