So today Z had his portage session with S, he gets on well with S and has made loads of improvements in the short time she’s been working with him. Whe this first started around Christmas time he didn’t quite get what was expected of him. Now he knows he sits and finishes the activity. Today he actually pointed to the picture she asked him to point to. For Z that’s a huge communication achievement, one of which I’m proud of.

So as S was leaving Z handed her some chocolates for Easter, she was taken aback saying nobody else had ever done any thing like that. So the big question here is have I just taken the whole worker – parent/child rapport to a level it shouldn’t go to? I understand she’s here to do her job, not drink coffee with me. I treat her with the respect that when she’s here she’s in charge of Z , I give chocolates to the girls at Christmas in crèche! Is it the same  thing? It’s just a little thing to say thanks for all your hard work, it means so much to Z and I. 

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